Fat Boy Invitational
Are you ready?
The 26th Annual Fat Boy Invitational - August 3, 2013!

If you aren’t one of the original "Fat Boys” that means you were probably a guest of one or a guest of a guest of one or so on.  After 25 years of guests, we get the same question over and over, “who started this thing?”  Well, we think it’s important for anyone to know just how much planning or lack there of, was put into the birth of this annual event. 

History of the Fat Boy

It all started in 1988 when three guys sat in a bar conversing about the possibility of creating an annual golf tournament.  As they discussed the details of this golf tournament, they knew first, that it would need a name. Looking around, the three began to notice something they each had in common…the size of their waist was a bit larger than most of the patrons in the bar.  So they thought appropriate to call it Fat Boy Invitational.

So it began, 4 guys from down south and 8 guys from the Central Valley joined together to play in the first ever Fat Boy Invitational.

In the 25 years that “Fat Boys” have been gathering, the golf tournament has grown from 12 friends all watching each other tee off at the first hole, to a full 144-golfer shotgun start. And in recent years, we have Fat Boys on a waiting list for their turn to tee it up.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame.” (Oscar Wilde)

*You MUST be an existing member or be invited by an existing member to play in the Fat Boy Invitational.

The Original Fat Boys
1st Annual, May 1988

The Originals and Their Guest
2nd Annual, August 1989

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